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Find Drug Alternatives With Prescribe Smart...

A simple and clear formulary that allows you to effortlessly compare drug costs and provincial coverage across different drug classes.

Whether you’re managing a drug interaction or recall, or simply trying to give your patients more affordable treatment, with Prescribe Smart you can ensure that your patients are receiving treatment that is therapeutically appropriate, while also helping to lower their out of pocket expenses

Includes LU Codes, Smartcard eligibility information, OTC Products, Forms, and More

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How to Use

  • Login and click on the Search Icon
  • Select whether you want to Search by Drug Name (ie. Ramipril, Pantoprazole Magnesium, etc.) or Drug Class (ie. Ace Inhibitors, Proton Pump Inhibitors, etc.)
  • Searching by Drug Classes also includes various diagnostic categories (ie. Drugs Used for Constipation, Drugs Used for Hemorrhoids, etc.)
  • By searching a Drug Class, the user can view coverage information while also seeing the list of drugs ordered from least to most expensive (prices are approximated). This allows the user to see a quick view of what is covered or what is more economical for patients without coverage. Patients with private coverage plans that do not cover fully can also benefit from a lower cost alternative.
  • Having a green check mark indicates that the drug has a covered formulation/strength. This can also mean that coverage is only authorized through an LU Code
  • A red X indicates the drug has no covered strength/formulations but may be eligible for coverage through the Exceptional Access Program. A printable EAP form is available in the drug details.
  • Choosing the view details option of the drug will further specify coverage status
  • By searching a drug name, the user is able to view a drug’s specific coverage details, prices, and any other relevant coverage information (ie. LU Codes, EAP Forms, etc.)
  • Scrolling down on a drug page allows the user to retrieve alternatives based on their desired group (ie. other ACE Inhibitors or other Drugs Used for Hypertension)

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